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  Born - November 26, 2000
Terri Burrows and Rene Fitch - Breeders

OK, he's not quite a Malinois, but he bosses all our Malinois around and he rules them with a heart big enough for a Malinois!  Before my knee and back surgery I was sure that I wanted a small dog to play agility with and I have had a spaniel since I left college so I looked for a small spaniel that I wanted to live with as my lap dog in addition to playing agility with.  My search of breeds brought me to the English Cocker Spaniel and as luck would have it one of my agility students had a litter on the ground that she had co-bred.  After visiting the litter, the odd colored one (the rest of his litter were roans) seemed to be the most social and always ready to play so after a couple more weeks I picked him up and he's been a special part of my group ever since.  Mardi is now co-owned with a young junior handler who shows him in agility. When they started agility together he was five, she was five - so they made the perfect 10.  While they don't have any legs yet, they enjoy spending time with each other and taking a break from the Malinois! Meanwhile he is happy to live up to his name and color and is a Party Boy in heart and soul!

Grace n Mardi
Grace and Mardi's first win

Mardi Snowflake